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Crazy8s 2018 Top 42 Announcement

Biz Books is pleased to support Crazy8s 2018!

This year, Crazy8s hit a new record of 201 video pitches, and after reviewing them tirelessly over the past 2 weeks, the Pitch Jury unanimously decided to choose 42 film pitches to advance to the live-pitch stage!

The live pitches will be held November 25 & 26th, in front of a new jury of film and TV industry professionals. The Top 12 final pitches will then advance to the script stage, announced November 27th!

Here are the Crazy8s 2018 Top 42!

In alphabetical order by Film Title:

@Eloise – Director Jesse Boyko, Writers Jesse Boyko & Jenna Mae Diamante – SciFi

Black or Blue – Writer Murry Peeters – Drama

Bob – Directors Daniel Jeffery & Graeme Achurch, Writers Graeme Achurch & Daniel Jeffery, Producer Geoff Manton – SciFi / Comedy

Bordered – Director / Writer Anaïsa Visser – Drama

The Candy Bar War – Director / Writer David I. Strasser, Producer Jessica Randall and Graem Luis – Historical Drama

Cat in the Postman’s Bag – Director Kaio Kathriner, Writer Tom Malenica – Comedy

CC – Directors / Writers Kailey Spear & Sam Spear, Producer Natasha Wehn – SciFi / Drama

Cherry Blossoms in March – Director / Writer Riley Rheyan, Producer Thomas Emann – Art House / Drama

Cloaks and Daggers – Directors Kristina Hampton & Jordan Dueck, Writer Kristina Hampton, Producer Jonathan Chawla – Drama

The Companion – Director / Writer Michelle Brezinski – Comedy

Concrete – Director / Writer Milton Ng – Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Comedy

Dazzle Ships – Director Kristyn Stilling, Writer Jasmine Pullukatt & Kristyn Stilling, Producer Jasmine Pullukatt – Comedy

Defence – Director / Writer Hannah Drew – Drama

Extra-Ordinary Amy – Director Christopher Graham, Writer Zlatina Pacheva, Producer Kris McRonney – Dark Comedy / Horror

Film-Making The Musical – Director Ed Witzke, Writers Ed Witzke & Matt Ewart, Producer Ed Witzke & Matt Ewart – Musical

The Future of Me – Director Ray Raghavan, Writer Ray Raghavan, Producer Haydn Wazelle – SciFi / Drama

Gemini – Director / Writer Mily Mumford, Producer Phillip Planta – SciFi

Girl – Director Kathleen Mann, Writer Alison Brierley, Producer Alison Brierley, Producer Kathleen Mann – Drama

Girlship – Director Lucie Guest, Writer Lucie Guest, Producer Synnöve Godeseth – Comedy

The Hermit’s Couplet – Director Alex Miro, Writer Alex Miro, Producer Stefania Indelicato & Amanda Konkin – Comedy

Hero Singh – Director / Writer Jasleen Kaur – Comedy / Drama

How Did We Get Here? – Director / Writer Laura Adkin, Producers Lisa Durupt & Victoria Angell – Drama

Imperfect Harmony – Writer Jennifer Laporte – coming of age fantasy

The Jobs We Don’t Want – Director Larke Miller, Writer Larke Miller, Producer Justine Warrington – SciFi / RomCom

The Long Halloween – Director Akash Motwani, Writer Akash Motwani, Producer Satinder Dhillon – Drama

Long Way Down – Director/Writer Michael P. Vidler – Drama

My Blue Balloon – Director Trish Neufeld, Writer Steve Berry, Producers TBC – Drama

My Life with John Paul II – Director Ricardo Plaza, Writer Ricardo Plaza & Bobby Gorman, Producer Ryan Silva & Bobby Gorman – Comedy

Nut-Cracker – Director, Writer Jennifer Nicole Stang – Action / Comedy

OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder – Director Ellie Harvie, Writers Brenda Whitehall & Lynda Finch – Comedy

The OOO Block – Director Erik Horn, Writer Erik Horn, Producer Amanda Verhagen – Comedy

Power – Director / Writer Crystal Lowe, Producers Ashley Alexander & Phil Planta – Drama

(?) Questioning – Director Harrison Houde, Writer Kim Chinchilla, Producer Kimi Alexander – Dramedy

Shuttlecock – Director / Writer Melanie Jones, Lead Actor Rhona Rees – Comedy

Small Fish – Director / Writer Maxime Beauchamp, Producer Kent Donguines – Visual Drama

Sophie in the Mirror – Director Greg Melanson, Writer Ren Kennedy, Producer Nadia DiMofte – Drama

Sparks! – Director Hayley Gray, Writers Hayley Gray & David Chin, Producer David Chin & Tina Korki – Comedy

Suburban Desert – Director Shelby Wilson, Writers Shelby Wilson & Matt Seeley, Producer Justin MacGregor & Matt Seeley.- Action Thriller

Take Shelter – Director / Writer Jesse Pickett, Co-Producers Kathleen Mann & Brigitte Patenaude – Post-Apocalyptic

The Traveler – Director / Writer Kay Metchie, Producers Valerie Lopez & Hannah Kess – Action / Thriller

Vivid – Directors / Writers Athena Russell & Tiarra Sulyk, Producers Athena Russell & Tiarra Sulyk – Drama / Fantasy

Waiting for Ganesh – Director / Writer Jacques Lalonde, Producer Arun Fryer & Pat Bermel – Musical Comedy

Break a leg to all the filmmakers!

Meet the #Crazy8sFilms18 Top 12 in person at the Raindance Booze N’Schmooze – 7pm-10pm on Monday, November 27th at the Blarney Stone.

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