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  • Have a look at our great new books!

    Secrets of Screen Acting, 3rd Edition
    Patrick Tucker

    $47.50 CDN

    The North Plan
    Jason Wells

    $12.95 CDN


    A Practical Guide to Greener Theatre
    Ellen E. Jones

    $53.95 CDN


    Beyond Continuity
    Mary Cybulski

    $46.50 CDN


    Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet
    Ross Brown

    $29.95 CDN

    Writing for the Green Light: How to Make Your Script the One Hollywood Notices
    Scott Kirkpatrick

    $39.95 CDN


    Between the Scenes: What Every Film Director, Writer, and Editor Should Know About Scene Transitions
    Jeffrey Michael Bays

    $29.95 CDN


    The Valley
    Joan MacLeod

    $16.95 CDN


  • February. We may not love the weather outside, but it’s a great excuse to snuggle up with our one true love…books.
    Here are our staff picks for February.

    How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love With You
    Deryn Warren

     $28.00 CDN

    What I Love about Movies: An Illustrated Compendium
    David Jenkins & Adam Woodward

     $51.00 CDN


    Blue Box
    Carmen Aguirre

     $16.95 CDN



    Sharr White

     $11.95 CDN


    Heartbreak House
    George Bernard Shaw

     $16.00 CDN



    Love Letters
    A.R. Gurney

     $11.95 CDN




    I Still Love You: Five Plays
    Daniel MacIvor

     $29.95 CDN



    The Vagina Monologues
    Eve Ensler

     $11.95 CDN


  • Browse some of our Biz favourites!

    Save the Cat! <em>The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need</em> by Blake Snyder

    Save the Cat!
    Blake Snyder

    $25.95 CDN

    Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies by Blake Snyder

    Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies
    Blake Snyder

    $32.50 CDN


    Save the Cat Strikes Back!
    Blake Snyder

    $25.95 CDN


    The Art of Acting by Stella Adler

    The Art of Acting
    Stella Adler

    $29.00 CDN


    True and False by David Mamet

    True and False
    David Mamet

    $18.50 CDN

    The Intent to Live by Larry Moss

    The Intent to Live
    Larry Moss

    $20.95 CDN


    Respect for Acting<br> <em>Foreword by David Hyde Pierce</em> by Uta Hagen

    Respect for Acting
    Uta Hagen

    $23.95 CDN


    Making Movies by Sidney Lumet

    Making Movies
    Sidney Lumet

    $18.50 CDN

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