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    My Squirrel Days: Tales from the Star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the Office
    Ellie Kemper

    $23.00 CDN

    Sean Harris Oliver and Raes Calvert

    $19.95 CDN 


    Actioning and How to Do It
    Nick Moseley

    $34.95 CDN


    The Ferryman
    Jez Butterworth

    $19.95 CDN


    Mastering Stand-Up: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Comedian
    Stephen Rosenfield

    $22.99 CDN

    Amiel Gladstone and Veda Hille

    $15.95 CDN 


    Scenes for Latinx Actors
    Edited by Micha Espinosa and Cynthia DeCure

    $28.95 CDN


    Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    $9.95 CDN



    Write! Shoot! Edit!: The Complete Guide for Teen Filmmakers
    Deborah S. Patz

    $32.95 CDN

    Shakespeare: To Teach or not to Teach
    Cass Foster & Lynn G. Johnson

    $39.00 CDN 


    In Their Own Words: Drama with Young English Language Learners
    Daniel A. Kelin

    $29.00 CDN


    Stages: Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama
    Talia Pura

    $24.95 CDN



    Teaching the Actor Craft
    Jon Jory

    $26.75 CDN

    Getting There: A Book of Mentors
    Gillian Zoe Segal

    $32.95 CDN 


    The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video, 3rd Edition
    Tom Schroeppel & Chuck DeLaney

    $18.95 CDN


    Improvisation for the Theater: A Handbook of Teaching and Directing Techniques
    Viola Spolin and edited by Paul Sills

    $33.95 CDN


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    Save the Cat!
    Blake Snyder

    $28.95 CDN

    The War of Art
    Steven Pressfield

    $17.95 CDN


    A Practical Handbook for the Actor
    Melissa Bruder et al

    $19.95 CDN


    The Actor and the Alexander Technique
    Kelly McEvenue

    $24.50 CDN


    Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus
    Marina Caldarone & Maggie Lloyd-Williams

    $26.95 CDN

    The Intent to Live
    Larry Moss

    $22.95 CDN


    A Challenge for the Actor
    Uta Hagen

    $36.75 CDN


    Writing Women’s History: Starting with Your Mother
    Marilyn Norry

    $25.00 CDN

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