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Creativity & Inspiration

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You about Being Creative
Austin Kleon

$17.50 CDN

The Second Circle
Patsy Rodenburg

$23.95 CDN 

The War of Art
Steven Pressfield

$18.95 CDN

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals
Oliver Burkeman

$37.95 CDN


Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide
Paula Landry

$56.95 CDN

Secrets of Screen Directing: The Tricks of the Trade
Patrick Tucker

$52.50 CDN 

The Complete Filmmaker’s Guide to Film Festivals
Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis

$34.95 CDN

How Not to Make a Short Film: Secrets from a Sundance Programmer
Roberta Marie Munroe

$21.95 CDN


The Blunt Playwright: An Introduction to Playwriting
Clem Martini

$24.95 CDN

The Playwright’s Guidebook
Stuart Spencer

$24.95 CDN

Ignite: Illuminating Theatre for Young People
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

$22.95 CDN

The Art of Dramatic Writing
Lajos Egri

$22.95 CDN

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