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    Sources: A Memoir
    Uta Hagen

    $26.50 CDN

    Hannah Moscovitch

    $17.95 CDN 


    Secrets of Screen Directing: The Tricks of the Trade
    Patrick Tucker

    $52.50 CDN


    Chile Con Carne and Other Early Works
    Carmen Aguirre

    $19.95 CDN


    Other Side of the Game
    Amanda Parris

    $17.95 CDN

    The Art of Voice Acting, 6th Edition
    James R. Alburger

    $43.95 CDN 


    How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety
    Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D.

    $22.95 CDN


    Writing Without Rules
    Jeff Somers

    $23.95 CDN


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    Not About Heroes
    Stephen MacDonald

    $15.95 CDN

    Sean Harris Oliver and Raes Calvert

    $19.95 CDN 


    This Is War
    Hannah Moscovitch

    $16.95 CDN


    Billy Bishop Goes To War (revised edition)
    John Gray with Eric Peterson

    $17.95 CDN




    Canada and the Theatre of War: Volume II – Contemporary Wars
    Edited by Donna Coates & Sherrill Grace

    $29.95 CDN

    Canada and the Theatre of War: Volume I
    Edited by Donna Coates & Sherrill Grace

    $49.95 CDN 


    Waiting for the Parade
    John Murrell

    $17.95 CDN



    Unity (1918)
    Kevin Kerr

    $17.95 CDN


  • Browse some of our Biz favourites!

    Save the Cat!
    Blake Snyder

    $28.95 CDN

    The War of Art
    Steven Pressfield

    $17.95 CDN


    A Practical Handbook for the Actor
    Melissa Bruder et al

    $19.95 CDN


    The Actor and the Alexander Technique
    Kelly McEvenue

    $24.50 CDN


    Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus
    Marina Caldarone & Maggie Lloyd-Williams

    $26.95 CDN

    The Intent to Live
    Larry Moss

    $22.95 CDN


    A Challenge for the Actor
    Uta Hagen

    $36.75 CDN


    Writing Women’s History: Starting with Your Mother
    Marilyn Norry

    $25.00 CDN

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