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    To Pixar and Beyond
    Lawrence Levy

    $21.00 CDN

    Staged Reading Magic
    Nick PayneCarole Schweid

    $12.95 CDN 


    Save the Cat! Goes to the Indies
    Salva Rubio based on the books by Blake Snyder

    $27.95 CDN


    Making the Magic Happen
    Peter D. Marshall

    $32.95 CDN


    Romantic Comedies: These Films Can Save Your Love Life!
    Pamela Jaye Smith

    $29.95 CDN

    The Artist’s Compass: The Complete Guide to Building a Life and a Living in the Performing Arts
    Rachel S. Moore

    $22.00 CDN 


    Exploring Modern Commedia dell’Arte
    Ali Landvatter

    $13.50 CDN


    Acting 2.0
     Anthony Abeson

    $19.50 CDN


  • This month, we are celebrating the plays of Sarah Treem!

    A Feminine Ending
    Sarah Treem

    $14.95 CDN

    Mirror, Mirror
    Sarah Treem

    $14.95 CDN 


    When We Were Young and Unafraid
    Sarah Treem

    $14.95 CDN


    The How and the Why
    Sarah Treem

    $14.95 CDN


  • Browse some of our Biz favourites!

    Save the Cat! <em>The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need</em> by Blake Snyder

    Save the Cat!
    Blake Snyder

    $25.95 CDN

    Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies by Blake Snyder

    Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies
    Blake Snyder

    $32.50 CDN


    Save the Cat Strikes Back!
    Blake Snyder

    $25.95 CDN


    The Art of Acting by Stella Adler

    The Art of Acting
    Stella Adler

    $29.00 CDN


    True and False by David Mamet

    True and False
    David Mamet

    $18.50 CDN

    The Intent to Live by Larry Moss

    The Intent to Live
    Larry Moss

    $20.95 CDN


    Respect for Acting<br> <em>Foreword by David Hyde Pierce</em> by Uta Hagen

    Respect for Acting
    Uta Hagen

    $23.95 CDN


    Making Movies by Sidney Lumet

    Making Movies
    Sidney Lumet

    $18.50 CDN

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