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New for Writers!

Writing a TV Movie: An Insider’s Guide to Launching a Screenwriting Career
 Roslyn Muir

$19.95 CDN

The Dreaded Curse: Screenplay Formatting for Film and Television
 Kat Montagu

$19.95 CDN 

The Screenwriter’s Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script
David Trottier

$33.95 CDN

Writing the Romantic Comedy: The Art of Crafting Funny Love Stories for the Screen
Billy Mernit

$23.95 CDN

New for Actors!

The Method
Isaac Butler

$38.95 CDN

ACT: The Modern Actor’s Handbook
David Rotenberg

$19.95 CDN 

The Lucid Body: A Guide for the Physical Actor
Fay Simpson

$25.95 CDN

Climbing Rejection Mountain: An Actor’s Path to Success, Stability, and Self-Esteem
 Nick Wyman

$31.95 CDN

Great New Plays!

Secret Life of a Mother
Hannah Moscovitch

$18.95 CDN

Trouble in Mind
Alice Childress

$23.95 CDN 

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer: A Trickster Land Claim Fable
Kevin Loring

$16.95 CDN

WROL (Without Rule of Law)
Michaela Jeffery

$18.95 CDN

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