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4 Must-Read Plays for Asian American Pacific Islander Month

Celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month with 4 plays written by Canadian-Asian playwrights!

Through the Bamboo by Andrea Mapili & Byron Abalos

Through the Bamboo is a full-length play for young audiences by Andrea Mapili and Byron Abalos. When Philly’s Lola (grandma) dies, she finds herself in the fantastical land of Uwi. Will Philly be able to end the reign of the evil Three Sisters, find her Lola, and bring her back home? Through the Bamboo is an action-packed tale suitable for the whole family, told in the style of The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Alice in Wonderland while rooted in Philippine mythology.

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Lady Sunrise by Marjorie Chan

Finalist for the 2022 Governor General’s Literary Award for drama (Canadian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize)

Lady Sunrise is a full-length drama by Marjorie Chan. From the glittering high-rise condos to the desperate streets of Vancouver, Lady Sunrise is a tale told by women of social climbing and the fraying social fabric among the wealthy and hangers-on in the city’s Asian-Canadian community, where the pursuit of money is the only serious occupation.

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The Patron Saint of Stanley Park by Hiro Kanagawa

The Patron Saint of Stanley Park is a full-length drama by Hiro Kanagawa. On Christmas Eve, the one-year-anniversary of their father’s disappearance, Josh and Jennifer go to Stanley Park to honour his memory instead of catching a bus to their uncle’s place. When a mysterious homeless man leads them to a fantastical bunker beneath the park, they experience wondrous visions that help them understand the truth about their father.

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A Perfect Bowl of Pho by Nam Nguyen

A Perfect Bowl of Pho is a full-length musical with book and lyrics by Nam Nguyen, music by Wilfred Moeschter. Journey across the noodle of time and space as Nam Nguyen writes a genre-bending musical history of the Vietnamese diaspora, told through its foods – particularly the world-famous noodle soup pho. Expect rapping ancient kings, communist spies, and dancing sharks.

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