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Crazy8s 2018 Top 12 Announcement

Biz Books is pleased to support Crazy8s 2018!

After much deliberation, here are the #Crazy8sFilms18 Top 12 who will advance to the script stage of the filmmaking competition.

Bob  – Director & Writer Graeme Achurch & Daniel Jeffery, Producer Geoff Manton

In a Twilight Zone-esque scenario, Bob awakes to discover his whole world is stuck operating backwards. But when the chronology of the film reverses, it’s revealed that Bob is the one who the world perceives as backwards

Bordered – Director & Writer Anaïsa Visser, Producers Darren Devlin & Marco Bossow

A US Border Patrol Officer apprehends two Syrian refugees fleeing the US into Canada and is forced to choose between his duty and his sense of compassion.

CC – Director & Writer Kailey Spear & Sam Spear, Producer Natasha Wehn

After an AI nanny attacks her employer, an investigative team must determine what caused the attack.

Defence – Director & Writer Hannah Drew, Producer Shiva Kashi

Alexa Wyatt is a good daughter, and an even better soccer player. But when her obligations to her family come into conflict with her duty to her team, and her best friend, Wyatt must decide where her loyalty and love truly lies.

Extra-Ordinary Amy – Director Christopher Graham, Writer Zlatina Pacheva, Producer Kris McRonney

A young girl who is unknowingly death incarnate must accept who she is in order to continue doing what she loves: dancing

Gemini – Director & Writer Mily Mumford, Producer Phil Planta

In a very near future two VR gamers coincidentally meet in real life and through their interactions expose the dark side of virtual reality and gaming.

How Did We Get Here? – Director & Writer Laura Adkin, Producers Lisa Durupt & Victoria Angell

In the wake of a young intern’s sexual assault and subsequent attempted suicide, the people around her must confront their own demons and realize the role that their inaction played in the tragedy.

Imperfect Harmony – Director Tricia Collins, Writer Jennifer Laporte

In a world where people turn into musical instruments instead of dying, a shy teenager discovers that she is turning into a cello, which might be her ticket to finally being accepted by her parents and peers.

The Jobs We Don’t Want – Director & Writer Larke Miller, Producer Justine Warrington

A reptilian shape-shifting alien, who’s lost everything after Pluto was stripped of planet status, winds up working on an organic walnut farm in Northern California.

My Blue Balloon – Director Trish Neufeld, Writer Steve Berry

In a palliative care unit with her mother, Sarah finds comfort in a shiny blue balloon floating on the ceiling. The balloon becomes a metaphor for healing when it unexpectedly comes back to Sarah in a different form.

Shuttlecock – Director & Writer Melanie Jones, Story by Melanie Jones & Rhona Rees

Washed-up badminton star Winnie will stop at nothing to reclaim her Olympic dreams by playing a match against her former rival while a video crew documents her desperate attempt to prove glory should have been hers.

Small Fish – Director & Writer Maxime Beauchamp, Producer Kent Donguines

In a world where only the biggest fish in the sea survive, Laurie, an amateur painter, struggles with success as she finds herself becoming more and more like the tiny fish she puts to canvas.

Congratulations again to all the Top 12! Top 6 Announced January 9, 2018.


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