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Crazy8s 2018 Top 6 Finalists

Biz Books is pleased to support Crazy8s 2018!

After months of anticipation, the #Crazy8sFilms18 jury has selected the Top 6 projects out of a record 228 applications that will advance to production. Thank you again to everyone that applied!

First our video pitch jury, Bill Hurst, Karen Lam, Mathew Parry, Heath Affolter, Paul Armstrong, Stephanie Halber & Alicia Bernbaum selected the Top 42 to pitch in person out of the 228 applicants. Our in-person pitch jury, comprised of Amanda Tapping, Christine Haebler, Zach Lipovsky, Kaare Andrews, Sabrina Furminger and Lawrence Le Lam then narrowed this down to the Top 12 Semi-Finalists to advance to the script stage.

In mid-December they were paired with their story editors to hone their scripts. Many thanks to this year’s expert team of story editors: Ric Beairsto, Brian Casilio, Bill Hurst, Sara Graefe, Kat Montagu and Rudy Thauberger. The 12 Semi-Finalists then had until January 3 to get their final scripts in to the jury.

On Sunday our in-person pitch jury met to make their decisions. Again this year the scripts were all exceptional, and we want to congratulate all 12 Semi-Finalists for making it this far. But in the end there can only be 6 Finalists.

We are now pleased to introduce you to the 6 teams who will be making their short films in just 8 days starting on Feb 9 through Feb 16 through Crazy8s! Be sure to watch them at the Gala Screening February 24. Tickets go on sale early February!

In the meantime you can support the films getting made and the Gala screening by claiming great perks in our Crazy8s Annual Indiegogo Campaign.

Or by attending the 19th Anniversary Crazy8s DGC Fundraiser Screening at the RIO Theatre January 25 screening 8 classic Crazy8s films.

Here are the #Crazy8sFilms18 TOP 6 FILMS!

Bordered – Director & Writer Anaïsa Visser, Producers Darren Devlin & Marco Bososw

A US Border Patrol Officer apprehends two refugees fleeing the US into Canada and struggles against his duty and his haunted past.

CC – Director & Writer Kailey Spear & Sam Spear, Producer Natasha Wehn

After an AI nanny assaults her employer, an investigative team must determine what caused the attack.

Extra-Ordinary Amy – Director Christopher Graham, Writer Zlatina Pacheva, Producer Kris McRonney

In this fantastical tale, a young girl struggles with the loss of her parents in a freak accident but learns to embrace what she truly loves, dancing, and its chilling consequences.

Gemini – Director & Writer Mily Mumford, Producer Phil Planta & Mayumi Yoshida

In a very near future two VR gamers coincidentally meet in real life and through their interactions expose the dark side of virtual reality and gaming.

Shuttlecock – Director & Writer Melanie Jones, Story by Melanie Jones & Rhona Rees, Producer Kristyn Stilling, Associate Producer Amelia Morris

Washed-up badminton star Winnie will stop at nothing to reclaim her Olympic dreams by playing a match against her former rival while a video crew documents her desperate attempt to prove glory should have been hers.

Small Fish – Director & Writer Maxime Beauchamp, Producer Kent Donguines & Mackenzie Stannard

In a world where only the biggest fish in the sea survive, Laurie, an amateur painter, struggles with success as she finds herself becoming more and more like the tiny fish she puts to canvas.

Break a Leg to all the Teams!

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