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The Biz Interview: Laura Adkin of I Wanna Date U

At, we love to support Canadian film projects from homegrown filmmakers on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and find out more about their films.

This week, we spoke to Laura Adkin about her new short film, I Wanna Date U!

Tell us about you!

My name is Laura Adkin. I’m an actor-turned-writer/producer. I’ve appeared in everything from local TV shows such as Eureka and Almost Human, to an award-winning webseries (Hitman 101) to the indie smash hit feature It’s A Disaster. When not acting, writing or producing I’m on the board of Women in Film + Television Vancouver and I like to watch Disney movies!

Tell us about your movie!

I Wanna Date U: A story about a hopeless romantic workaholic’s quest for love in a digital age and her co-dependent relationship with her recently dumped best friend.

What was your inspiration for creating this project?

I wanted to make a film about female friendship – our girlfriends are our lifelines and they are there before, during and after any other relationship. We do crazy things sometimes and our girlfriends are the ones who love us anyway. I don’t see that on screen as much as I’d like – women stories are greatly unrepresented in film, even today. It started out as a fun, goofy comedy about dating and turned into a story about friendship.

Who else is involved?

I probably have the best team assembled EVER! I’ll be playing the lead, Holly, and co-directing with Lisa Ovies while Sarah Kalil is producing. We also have Lisa Durupt (Less than Kind, Preggoland), Anthony Konechny (Witches of East End, Almost Human), Johannah Newmarch (When Calls the Heart, Sunflower Hour), Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel), Kirby Morrow (Ring by Spring), and David Lewis (Man of Steel). We also have Stirling Bancroft on board as DOP and Hayley Gauvin as our 1st AD.

How can people support your film?

Great question! We currently have an Indiegogo campaign that we would LOVE some help with! If not monetary, some love on social media (share, tweet the link) would be wonderful. Our link is

What are some of the unique perks for getting involved?

We have everything on our Indiegogo from a copy of the film to a speaking role! There’s definitely something for everyone there. Plus the perk of being part of this awesome project!

What would making this movie mean to you?

It means a lot. I’m literally pouring my heart and soul into this project in the hopes that we can create something great – something that will make people smile.

Why does the world need to see this film?

We need more films driven by women about the female experience because we do make up 51% of the world’s populations! It’s a movie everyone can relate to, which is exciting. Plus it’ll be hilarious and everyone loves to laugh.

What’s your favourite film industry book and why?

The Tao of Show Business by Dallas Travers. She is an amazing creative career coach. She doesn’t teach you how to act but helps guide you through every other aspect of your career, from goal setting to getting rid of limiting beliefs to marketing strategies. This is a MUST-have book for any actor.

Where can we find out more about the film and about you?

The film has Facebook and Twitter.

You can reach me on Twitter or my website and of course good old IMDB.


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