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The Biz Interview: Pamela Wise of Premiere Talent Management

Pamela Wise is one of Vancouver’s busiest talent agents. With 18 years of experience in BC’s film and television industry, Pamela has helped countless actors build their careers and as a branding coach, given them the tools to discover their true presence.

In the midst of another busy season, Pamela Wise spoke to us about her experiences and her opinions on branding for actors and what they should look for in a potential agent.

Can you start by telling us a bit more about what you do?

I am a talent agent with Premiere Talent Management, an acting coach and I do intuitive branding for actors and creatives.

Why is personal branding important for actors?

Most casting people, producers and directors are highly intuitive and communicate visually and emotionally. For an actor, it’s important to be aware of how their own spark connects with an audience and how their brand aligns to a character and a storyline.

How would you describe the process of branding for actors?

It’s an exhilarating process for me. I tap deeply into my intuition and am inspired by actor’s inner stories. I respect actors for how they understand character, and for their innate perception and curiosity. I tighten that focus even more and really examine how they are showing up as person in person, online and in their marketing. I help them define their core identity, points of passion, and how to fuse those key layers when they present themselves, especially in their photos. The goal is to uncover their unique, cohesive and intriguing brand. This result should be a fluid extension of who they truly are and what we can expect to see from them in the audition room and on set.

What should actors look for in finding the right potential agent for them?

They should do their research and they should ask trusted industry mentors for advice and referrals. I accept emailed submissions so actors should have two photos, and a resume or bio. A witty intro gets my attention and a note mentioning who referred them is important. See for submission guidelines.

As an agent, what do you look for in potential new clients?

Spark and likability grab my attention. Training, grounded determination, commitment and the potential to grow as an artist are things I like.

What is a typical day like for you?

The day doesn’t begin until the caffeine hits my veins! Then I start responding to casting breakdowns. Sometimes I’m researching new talent, new projects or meeting with clients. We field casting requests usually until the late afternoon and sometimes well into the evening. I am very motivated to get my talent into those audition rooms and onto set! Facebook has opened up a new arena for me to find new talent outside my core roster. I post casting calls often there at Pamela Wise Talent Agent and Industry News. That’s a typical day. I also serve on panels, speak to high school students, guest lecture at colleges & universities and adjudicate competitions and festivals. I’m a strong believer in mentorship and I happily make time for that role as well.

What brings you joy, Pamela Wise?

My joy comes from seeing my actors in action. I love them. I value all the good relationships I’ve built over the years. I also like attending events, festivals and connecting with people from all sides of the industry.

What books have been influential in your creative journey?

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron was a powerful book to me. Anything by Seth Godin resonates. Jeanette Winterson and Pablo Neruda are dear to me also as they are so visual and sensual in their style.


Our thanks to Pamela Wise for taking the time to speak to us.

For more information about Pamela Wise and her various services, you can visit her online at

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