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We Remember

“We shall not sleep, though poppies grow, in Flanders fields.” – John McCrae


Redpatch by Sean Harris Oliver and Raes Calvert

Redpatch is a full-length drama by Sean Harris Oliver and Raes Calvert. More than four thousand Indigenous Canadians signed up to fight in the First World War. This story pays tribute to the warriors who saw the Great War as an opportunity to be part of the “new world”. Their bravery came at a cost.

Available for $19.95 CND


Iron Peggy by Marie Clements

A powerful play that will appeal to audiences both young and old, Iron Peggy was written to commemorate the 100th-year anniversary of World War I. It celebrates not only Indigenous participation in the war effort, but also a young girl’s personal victory.

Available for $17.95 CND


Bolsheviki by David Fennario

From the renowned playwright behind Canadian classics Balconville and Joe Beef, the play tells the story of First World War veteran Harry “Rosie” Rollins, as recounted to a young reporter in a Montréal hotel bar on Remembrance Day. Based on interviews the playwright had with a First World War veteran years ago, Bolsheviki is a tribute to battle-scarred soldiers in the trenches.

Available for $17.95


A Soldier’s Play by Charles Fuller

This thrilling drama follows a detective’s time-sensitive investigation into the murder of a black Sergeant on a Louisiana Army base near the end of World War II. More than a detective story, A Soldier’s Play is a tough, incisive exploration of racial tensions and ambiguities among blacks and between blacks and whites that gives no easy answers and assigns no simple blame.

Available for $17.95


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