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A Room Somewhere Presents “Hello and Goodbye”

A Room Somewhere presents Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard, which is now on at The Nest (formerly Studio 1398) until July 6th.

Play Details

Hello and Goodbye is set in the home of a poor white family in 1960 in Apartheid South Africa. In a literary dance that steps between Beckett-like absurdity and the realism of Sam Shepard or Tennessee Williams, Athol Fugard does a deep dive into a family torn apart by a toxic mix of self-loathing, lethal patriarchy, and the violence of the country in which it is set. The domestic collides with the political, as siblings Hester and Johnnie reconnect (and disconnect) in their childhood home, rummaging through the remnants of their lives in search of redemption, a father figure, legitimacy and cold, hard cash.

Artistic Team:
Director Bo Petersen
Sound Designer Thomas Beckman
Set/Props Designer Kimira Bhikum
Lighting Designer Keagan Elrick
Stage Manager Olivia Etey
Cast and Producers Riaan Smit and Deborah Vieyra

Ticket Information

Hello and Goodbye is now on at the The Nest (formerly Studio 1398) until July 6th with the following shows remaining:

Saturday, June 29th at 8PM
Sunday, June 30th at 2PM
Wednesday, July 3rd at 8PM
Thursday, July 4th at 8PM
Friday, July 5th at 8PM
Saturday, July 6th at 8PM

Tickets are $25 for General Admission and $22 for Students and Seniors. Available online at

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