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Crazy8s2019: Director Spotlight – Heather Perluzzo is pleased to support Crazy8s2019.

In this interview, we talked to Heather Perluzzo about writing and directing this year’s Crazy8s film, Hatch.


Can you start by telling us a little bit about you and your film?

Hatch is the story of a woman who’s suffered a miscarriage, finding solace within an alien egg she uncovers in her backyard. I’m a new filmmaker, recently graduate of Vancouver Film School in April 2018, focusing on marrying Science Fiction and women’s issues.

Can you tell us about how the idea for your film came to be and what your creative process was like in making it come to life?

I created Hatch after I suffered a very traumatic miscarriage. I never wanted children, but suddenly after having to hold my unborn child, I felt this overwhelming burden of grief. I wanted to make a film that represents the loss women experience in these situations and how “alien” losing a child can be.

What was the most memorable moment for you in the Crazy8s process?

The amount of support we got still knocks me back off my feet. Standing on set that first day and looking around, I was in a state of disbelief. All these people are here to help bring this to life, I didn’t even know some of them. It is a truly humbling experience. As someone who’s always felt like an outcast, those moments are something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

What would your advice be for filmmakers considering Crazy8s?

Think about why you are telling your story. Is it just a cool idea? Or is it really you on a plate? I think that’s just my general note for filmmakers in general, there is such a saturation of content made because it’s “cool” and I think this industry needs more films that represent all the unique personalities and experiences that we don’t know about yet.

What books would be valuable for a filmmaker to have read before participating in Crazy8s?

I think the best books are fictional books. Sure, there are books that tell you what to do on set, how to direct, how to write, and if you’re a new filmmaker there’s an abundance of those out there if that’s what you think you need. But personally, as a creative person, I get most of my inspiration from imagination and books that provoke those. So if you’re having trouble with your story development, try reading a fictional novel.

What other projects are you working on and where can we find out more about you?

I have one short film of mine left that I’d like to make called Wild Flower about a woman who creates an AI version of herself to escape an abusive relationship. After that, I think I’m aiming to make my first feature.


Thanks to Heather Perluzzo for speaking with us!

You can check out Hatch and the rest of the Crazy8s films on February 23rd as part of the Crazy8s2019 gala.

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