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Crazy8s2021 Gala Online Screening and Virtual Afterparty

Biz Books is pleased to support Crazy8s2021.

Six new short films for 2021 will be shared at an online Gala Screening on May 1, 2021 followed immediately by a Virtual AfterParty on Gather.

Production on the six short films took place in mid-March over the 8 celebrated days. Tickets are now available at This event is geo-blocked to British Columbia.

Finished films for the first time in the twenty-two-year history of Crazy8s will be screened at an Online Gala Screening followed immediately by a virtual interactive AfterParty on Gather where guests can mingle, enjoy the music of DJ Krista on the Finale Mainstage, partake in a red carpet, and experience a cocktail making demo from Lavish Liquid.

Many Crazy8s films go on to screen at major film festivals, online, broadcast on television here in Canada and around the world, as well as further develop and launch careers of tomorrow’s filmmakers.

The Top 6 Crazy8s 2021 films are:

Director: Jay Kamal
Writer: Jay Kamal & Javier Badillo
Producer: Javier Badillo, Panta Mosleh
Logline: A 12-year-old boy with a mixed heritage tries to come to terms with the tragedy of his father’s death while fulfilling his responsibilities at the complex funeral held in both Muslim and Christian traditions.

Director: Jessey Nelson & Cody Nelson
Writer: Jessey Nelson & Kyle Siemens
Producer: Kyle Siemens, Joel Panas, Cole Vandale, Rami Kahlon
Logline: Crumbs is the story of Shylo, a young boy who summons an imaginary clown who helps him deal with the traumas of life after his mother remarries an abusive man.

Director: Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins
Writer: Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins & Moheb Jindran
Producer: Moheb Jindran & Allen Xu
Co-Producer: James Mattagne
Logline: A kidnapped family man has his life hanging in the balance as a pair of highwaymen decide his fate.

Director: Luvia Petersen
Writer: Huelah Lander
Producer: Amanda Konkin
Logline: A grieving widower has his dead wife’s consciousness uploaded into her bio-synthetic replica. Once activated, she begins experiencing flashes of terrifying images as buried secrets force their way to the surface threatening both of them.

Director: Tesh Guttikonda
Writer: Tesh Guttikonda
Producer: Shyam Valera, Kashif Pasta, Tesh Guttikonda, Praneet Akilla
Co-Producers: Jasleen Kaur, Bhavesh Chauhan
Logline: When Kamal’s adult son introduces a 3D food-printing appliance into their home, it shatters her maternal identity and forces her to go on a journey to heal old wounds, rediscover herself, and literally battle the machine

Director: Rachel Rose
Writer: Shayn Walker & Rachel Rose
Producer: Mohamed Ibrahim, Alisa Luke
Logline: Set in 1983, Tryst is about a young, black couple coming to terms with the husband’s desire to take cross-dressing out of the bedroom.

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