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The Biz Interview: Jaime Callica

Currently seen on UnREAL and also recognizable for roles on everything from Wayward Pines to The Romeo Section and MotiveJaime Callica has parlayed his dual interest in acting and dancing into a rewarding entertainment career.

Jaime Callica talked to us about his journey into acting and his current projects.


Can you start by telling us a little bit about how you got started as an actor?

I was in business and loving it, but I always knew at some point that I’d find my way back to being a performer. Dance was my first love, but after having been in a serious car accident where I was hit by a drunk driver, I knew I’d never dance at the high level I was once dancing at. It was that reality that really fueled my passion for business.

One day, however, I woke up, called my realtor and told him I wanted to sell it all! He thought I was joking and laughed, but I was serious and we did! Took about a year to sell everything and I’ve never looked back since.

What was the moment when you knew that you wanted to act?

I go to the theatre at least once or twice a week and own something like 1000 DVDs… I’ve always loved being entertained by film and television and I think I always knew I’d be an actor one day. So from being a child, I’d say. I just didn’t have the courage to action it until I was in my mid-20s.

Tell us about your current projects – including UnREAL.

I play a character named Xavier on UnREAL and he’s unlike anyone I’ve played to date. He’s fun, romantic, sweet, handsome (haha)… Just a really nice addition to a show that centers around the drama of the show “Everlasting” and other side plots for the leads that too are quite dramatic. So when you meet Xav, you instantly like him. And what you see happen to him definitely makes you like him more!

I also just finished shooting a feature called House on Holly Lane directed by one of my favorite directors – Michael Scott, where I play a character named Dr. Jake Allen. Playing a doctor was awesome and again, quite different from anything to date. That’s kind of the theme here it seems, stretch myself with every role!

You’ve acted in both film and television roles and also appeared as a dancer. What do you find rewarding about acting on film and dancing on film? Also, how does your preparation change for a film role vs a TV role?

Acting and dancing are both really rigorous, but very different. Physically speaking, having to dance and do dozens or hundreds of takes is super hard on the body. With acting, you have to do the same amount of takes, but it’s a different type of stamina that’s required of you. Being mentally and emotionally drained is no joke and subsequently hard on your body as well.

The preparation differs between a film and TV quite a bit. With a film, you have the whole script. You read it, you know how it starts and how it’ll end. You can then sit down and work it out. With TV, you’ll get one script for the most current episode and have no idea where the story goes for your character! So you’re basically waiting and guessing just like the viewer does from week-to-week!


“If you love acting and something else – do that other thing. Acting isn’t the profession where you can be ‘half in’.”


What was the biggest challenge of your career that you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was thinking that not being very good and thinking my looks would get me through. Laziness.

I snapped out of it and started working harder than everyone else- or at least harder than I thought everyone else was working.

What would be your best advice for young actors today?

If you love acting and something else – do that other thing. Acting isn’t the profession where you can be ‘half in’. You’ll never make it and you’ll blame variables like: “There weren’t many roles for _____ people” or “they didn’t like short/tall people” or, or, or – when in reality, you just didn’t give it 105%. Every single day. If you want to act, dig in and don’t quit.

What acting-related books and authors have been influential in your career so far?

My favorite book by far is Audition by Michael Shurtleff. A must read!

Where can we find out more about you online?

@jaimecallica on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and


Thanks to Jaime Callica for speaking with us!

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