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The Biz Interview: Loretta Walsh

Kindred Entertainment is pleased to present THIS, an original play by Vancouver-raised playwright and House of Cards showrunner Melissa James Gibson that opens April 26th.

An “un-romantic comedy”, THIS is an unapologetic and fiercely intelligent glimpse into the lives of five friends approaching middle-age and grappling with where they’ve found themselves and what could, or should, come next. The production is directed by Bill Dow and stars Loretta Walsh, Benjamin Ratner, Zak Santiago, Brad Dryborough, and Karen Holness.

We spoke to Loretta Walsh to find out more about THIS!


Can you start by telling us a little bit about your involvement with THIS?

I am the producer and Artistic Director of Kindred Entertainment who is producing THIS. Plus I play the character of ‘Jane’.

What should audiences expect from the show?

THIS is smart. And deeply human. And at it’s core – it’s about friendship, which is something we can all relate to.  Most audience members will laugh, some will cry but I think everyone will be entertained. THIS is a fast paced un-romantic comedy that rides the edge between being very funny and very tragic….so, I guess they should expect “All the feels?…..”

From your perspective, what is the most rewarding thing about stage acting?

It’s a “once in a lifetime” experience every performance. Theatre is about the exchange of energy between the actors and the audience. We can’t do it with out each other – it’s a dangerous medium to work in because “anything can happen at anytime”. So when it is done well, it should be a completely thrilling ride for everyone – both actors and audience.

What are the three most important ingredients for a successful play?

Preparation/hard work, collaboration and offering something of value.


“There is always a place for great theatre and we have lots of it in Canada.”


In your opinion, what is the current state of Canadian theatre and how has it evolved since you first got involved with acting?

I am originally from Australia, so it is hard for me to say how Canadian theatre has evolved, but I think everywhere in the world there is good theatre, bad theatre and GREAT theatre. I think sometimes audiences can be disappointed because they go to see a show that falls flat and they then label theatre as “Not my thing” or “Boring” etc.

Kindred Entertainment aims to set the bar as high as possible to bring theatre experiences to audiences in Vancouver that either thrill them or at the very least restore their faith that there is value in theatre and they should go to see more live shows.

There is always a place for great theatre and we have lots of it in Canada.

What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned as an actor?

Work hard. Stay open. Take Risks.

What acting and theatre-related books and authors have been influential in your career so far?

The Intent to Live by Larry Moss

The Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

And all great plays and film scripts!

What other projects are you working on right now?

As a producer, I’ll be planning the next show for Kindred Entertainment in Spring 2019.

As an actor, I will be performing in Mitch and Murray’s next show Sex with Strangers in the Fall and also shooting a regular role on When Calls the Heart for Hallmark.

Plus I teach acting at Haven Studio on going where we train professional actors or those who want to be professional actors.

Busy times!

Where can we find out more about you?

You can find out more by following me on:

Twitter: @loretta_walsh @KindredEnt

Facebook: Kindred Entertainment

Instagram: @kindredentertainment


Thanks to Loretta Walsh for speaking with us!

You can see THIS from April 26th to May 5th at Studio 16, 1555 West 7th Ave, Vancouver.

For tickets, please visit


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